Tomorrow’s Memoir confronts the challenges we face today so we can have a better, re-written tomorrow. A range of topics are discussed, including:

  • Sexual Violence Prevention
  • Teen Dating Violence Prevention
  • Dysfunctional Systems (Family, Workplace and General Culture)
  • Assertiveness
  • Understanding Intuition
  • Predators
  • Opinion Pieces
  • Anti-Human Trafficking

About the Writer

erika port headshot

Hi, I’m Erika! I am a Public Health and Social Work candidate on a mission to bring awareness, confront and make policy-wide changes to benefit victims of sexual violence.

I’ve listened to hundreds of stories from abuse survivors and have genuine curiosity to listen to people’s lived experiences. I’ve supported victims of rape in Emergency Rooms while rape kits were conducted and I’ve been a 24/7 hotline support for victims of sexual violence. I serve on a mental health and addiction agency Board guiding the non-profit in its mission to help the community and beyond. And I speak publicly to large and small audiences along with engaging policymakers to promote sexual violence prevention.

One of my mottos is Speak Until Things Change. And I’m here to do just that from the lens of my experiences and my studies.

I’m glad you’re here. I hope what you read throughout my blogs is enlightening, thought-provoking and sparks action. I welcome questions, comments and encourage respectful, topical debate.

💛 Erika